Increase web site conversions with Pam Foster’s 7-step ContentClear method

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content-clear-procss-four-5Thursday’s profit tip for authors

Authors interested in increasing  back end sales can learn a lot by studying Pam Foster’s 7-Step ContentClear Web Site Optimization Method web site optimization plan shown at left.

Located one click from the first sentence on her home page, Pam Foster’s Web Content System engages visitors and moves them towards a purchase while outlining the 7-step process she follows with her clients.

It’s a brilliant strategy, and her execution is flawless, as you’d expect from a Senior Web Content Provider, Content Strategy Consultant, and winner of  the 2009 AWAI $10,000 Challenge for Copywriters.

Importance of a process

The starting point, of course, is the fact that Pam Foster has a 7-step process. This, in itself, is an important credibility-building web site conversion factor.

The presence of a process communicates that she knows her top inside and out, and has developed her own approach to helping others.

Building multiple bridges to conversion

Pam’s way of presenting her system is also right on target. She begins with an overview of her 7-step method as a numbered list on a single page, shown above, and links each step to its own page.

The “detail” pages associated with each step are formatted PDF worksheets that engage visitors and encourage them to take a fresh look at their own website. Each page, in other words, moves them closer to contacting Pam and learning more about how she can help convert intention into action.


Authors interested in selling more coaching, consulting, or speaking business by increasing their website conversions can learn numerous lessons in information organization, content, and design on by studying Pam Foster’s ContentClear site. What do you think? What’s your Number One takeaway from her site? Do you know of another site that uses a similar strategies and tactics to increse web site conversions?

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