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sharon-drew-home-four-5Wednesday’s book marketing tip of the week for authors

Authors looking for proven web marketing tips and examples can learn a lot from New York Times bestselling author Sharon Drew Morgen’s Publishing Choices web site. Here are 4 of the lessons her site teaches; you may discover others.

Simple URLs that sell are still available

The first lesson involves choosing a website URL that clearly describes and positions what’s being offered. Like the title of her NY-Times best-selling book, Selling with Integrity, Sharon Drew’s website address is simple and to the point.

The continued availability of appropriate and descriptive URLs is good news for all of us, or, at least, those willing to distill the essence of our marketing messages down to their core.


As you can see from the screen capture, above, the home page is short and to the point.  It concisely provides all the information needed to communicate whether or not you’re arrived at the right website.

Brevity is a characteristic notable throughout the site.

sharon-drew-price-four-5Benefits outweigh costs

Brevity is also illustrated by the succinct way she describes her services, as shown at left.

She describes exactly what you get in one of her packages, and how much it costs, in less than 75 words.

The straightforward presentation of price and benefits communicates confidence and professionalism, exactly what you want when you’re selecting a book marketing coach.

Design in the service of words

If you carefully compare the two images above, you’ll notice a subtle design technique at work:

  • Home page graphic. Notice the 2-column bullet list below the words Publishing Choices on the header graphic shown in the top illustration.  The list plays an important role on the home page, as it indicates to visitors that they have arrived at the right site.
  • Inside pages. The header graphic used on the inside pages, however, does not contain the 2-column listing of site benefits. This saves space on the inside pages–where the list isn’t needed–and provides more space for the contents/message on each page.

It’s always nice to observe focus and bevity at work. Analyzing the various websites created by NY Times bestselling author Sharon Drew Morgen provides us all with an opportunity to learn and imprrove our own websites. What do you think of the web marketing lessons and tips described above? Have I overlooked anything? Share your opinions, below.

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