Free how-to article template offers blueprint for marketing success

Posted February 2nd @ 8:09 pm by Roger C. ParkerPrint

ezine-how-to-template-fourEzine Article’s free how-to article marketing template makes it easy for authors and subject area experts to market and promote their expertise online.

The template is based on a simple 7-step process that takes the uncertainty and stress out of writing by providing a framework for topic choice and efficient writing.

As is typical of the writing associated with Ezine Articles, the blog post describing the 7-step article writing template is clear and concise, yet covers the topic and invites implementation.

The visual to the right of the text is especially powerful in reinforcing the article template’s 7-steps. Ezine article’s blog post is efinitely worth a visit by newcomers looking for ways to take the stress out of article marketing.

Speaking of article marketing

Special thanks for the kind words that Dr. Bill Tallmon wrote about me at Ezine Articles. His unsolicited words touched me and are greatly appreciated. Dr. Bill has written over 100′s of thoughtful and informative articles at EzineArticles. His home site is Thank you, Dr. Bill!


  1. San Francisco article writers
    February 22, 2010

    It’s really need for us to know the basic templates arrangement in order to gain authority. Thanks for sharing. :)

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