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guerrilla-marketing-green-coverFriday’s upcoming event for authors

Join me when I interview Shel Horowitz, co-author, with Jay Conrad Levinson, of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies To Improve Your Profits and Your Planet.

If ever there’s been the right book at the right time, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green!

It’s the perfect book for you if you think business profits and concern for the environment are incompatible. You’ll learn how to reconcile profits and planetary concerns, and end up with stronger marketing relationships.

By attending next week’s Guerrilla Marketing Association interview with Shel Horowitz, you’ll also get the inside story on what it’s like for two experienced to get published in today’s publishing world. You’ll get the back-story on the book’s development and progression from idea to reality, and the decisions made along the way.

Visit Shel Horowitz’s Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green website to learn more about the book and the many reader bonuses that accompany it. Shel is a leading, multi-title author and publishing resource, long associated with ethical marketing

How to attend this call

I’m interviewing Shel Horowitz, co-author, with Jay Conrad Levinson, of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green on the next Wednesday’s Guerrilla Marketing Association call. The call takes place, Wednesday, February 3, at 7:00 PM EST. Visit the Guerrilla Marketing Association website, or contact me via e-mail, to learn how you can take part in the call.

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