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Posted January 17th @ 8:56 pm by Roger C. ParkerPrint

michel-therault-book-four-5If you’re thinking about self-publishing your book, attend the next Guerrilla Marketing Association call when I interview Michel Theriault, author of the forthcoming self-published book, Win More Busines… Write Better Proposals.

Michel and I will be discussing the pros, cons, and decisions involved in self-publishing from the perspective of a first-time self-publisher building on the basis of a successful consulting career. We’ll be exploring topics like:

  • Motives. Why did Michel decide to self-publish rather than approach a trade publisher? What questions did he explore, and what most influenced his decision to self-publish?
  • Steps. What’s involved in self-publishing? What were the first steps he took? What remains to be done before he has printed copies of his book in hand?
  • Marketing and promotion. How is he going to sell and distribute his books?
  • Resources. What books and online resources did Michel learn from? What are the economics of self-publishing?
  • Delegation. What tasks did he do himself, what tasks did he delegate to others?
  • Goals and expectations. What kind return on investment does he expect to earn on his time and money investment? When does he anticipate a positive cash-flow?

These, and other, self-publishing questions will be discussed when I explore the world of self-publishing with first-time self-publisher Michel Theriault on the next Guerrilla Marketing Association call, Wednesday, January 20, at 7:00 PM EST. Join the conversation and ask your questions about self-publishing. This call provides a unique opportunity to hear from a successful consultant who is in the final stages of self-publishing his first book. E-mail me to attend the call as my guest.

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