White paper marketing webinar can help authors promote books

Posted January 14th @ 3:10 pm by Roger C. ParkerPrint

stelzner-2010-white-event-fThursday’s profit tip for authors

White papers can be powerful marketing tools for authors interested in selling more books and building their personal brands.

You can learn more about white paper marketing by attending a free webinar with Michael Stelzner and Bob Bly.

Michael and Bob have both written best-selling books about creating white papers; between them, they are the masters of the white paper marketing genre:

Together, Bob and Michael know what works, and what doesn’t work, in white paper marketing.

Next week, on January 20th, you can attend a free white paper marketing webinar with Bob Bly and Michael Stelzner. They’ll describe 5 ways to grow your business and 3 mistakes to avoid when marketing with white papers. To register for this free event, click here.

As of this morning, there were less than 100 free tickets available to their white paper marketing preview teleseminar, but if you register right now, you may still be able to attend the free preview event with Bob Bly and Michael Stelzner! I believe in Bob and Michael, and am, once again, proud to be a featured presenter at the 2010 White Paper Marketing Summit in February.

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