How one-sheets build author profits by selling more books & attracting speaking opportunities

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chandler-leap-1-sheetThursday’s profit tip for authors

Successful authors, like Stephanie Chandler use one-sheets to build their profits by selling more books and attracting more speaking/training invitations.

One-sheets are exactly what the name imnplies: concise statements summarizing everything that potential book buyers, book sellers, and event planners need in order to make a commitment to buy the author’s book or invite them to speak.

Stephanie Chandler’s one-sheet for her latest book, LEAP! 101 Ways to Grow Your Business, shown at left, provides a case study of the 7 elements that should be included in an effective one-sheet.

Elements of one-sheet success

Let’s examine the 7 most important elements of one-sheet success:

  1. Headline and premise. The headline emphasizes the book title and the author’s name. The first paragraph states a premise, i.e., “Business growth requires more than a business plan and a dream.” The second sentence explains the book’s perspective, “You must utilize many tools and techniques to take your business to the next level.” The third sentence is a summary of reader benefits, “LEAP! is loaded with practical strategies that you can leverage…”
  2. Primary benefits. Seven key benefits follow, introduced by “You will learn how to:” Each benefit begins with an imperative, or “action” verb, i.e., “Develop,” “Automate,” “Locate,” etc.
  3. Credibility and secondary benefits. The final paragraph mentions that the book includes interviews and advice from successful business owners, experts, and authors. The paragraph ends with a call to action: “Whether you implement just a few strategies from this comprehensive guide or all of them, the results are sure to be extraordinary.”
  4. Purchase information. The description of the book is followed by publisher information, page count, ISBN number, and purchase price.
  5. Up-sell and promotion information. The yellow box in the center of the page emphasizes Stephanie’s availability for interviews, speaking engagements, guest blog posts, and custom articles. Significantly, she includes a list of interview topics.
  6. Testimonials. A second bullet list, containing quotes from four of the most-recognized business and marketing authors adds further credibility and urgency to not only buying the book but also hiring Stephanie to present.
  7. Context: background and contact information. The column to the left, under the author’s photograph, provides a context for the book by describing previous books and the way she has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Week,, More Magazine, and others. The page ends with an easy-to-locate contact information at the lower right.

Note how the seven elements provide all of the information a prospective reader, event planner, or media producer needs to know about Stephanie, her areas of expertise, her book, and her previous media experiences.

One-sheets should contain all the information book buyers, event planners, or media producers need to make a decision

chandler-speak-1-sheetExtending the brand

Once an author creates a “look,” or a template, for a one-sheet, it becomes relatively easy to create additional one-sheets for other purposes.

For example, at left is the one-sheet that Stephanie has created to promote her seminar and speaking services.

Again, on just one side of a single sheet of paper, Stephanie provides all of the information needed to convince an event planner of the desirability of hiring, or inviting, her to speak.

The titles of her six most important seminars are easily located at the top of the page. The titles are followed by testimonials from some of the organizations where she has presented.

Again, background and context are provided by a list of her book titles, as well as a collage showing the front covers of the books she has written. Her contact information is prominently displayed at the lower right of the page.

Visual consistency

Note the “family resemblance” that exists between Stephanie’s one-sheets. There are several consistency elements used on both one-sheets:

  • Blue border
  • Consistent typography, i.e., sans serif type
  • Author photograph at upper left
  • Background information in left-hand column
  • Contact information at lower right

Having established a “template” for her one-sheets, Stephanie will undoubtedly find it easier and easier to create additional one-sheets for specific projects in the future.

What about your one-sheets?

Do you use one-sheets to build your profits by selling more books and attracting more speaking invitations? What kind of experiences have you had?

  • Who wrote the copy and laid out your one-sheets? Did you do it yourself, or did you hire a professional copywriter and graphic designer?
  • How do you print and distribute your one-sheets? Do you have your one-sheets professionally printed by a commercial printer, or do you make copies on your color ink-jet or laser printer? Are copies available for download from your website?
  • Do you use a template to save time and maintain consistency between your one-sheets?

If you’re a published author using one-sheets to build your profits by selling more books or attracting speaking and seminar invitations–or, if you’ve tried them and weren’t pleased with the results–share your your experiences with us as comments, below!


  1. Stephanie Chandler
    September 21, 2009

    Hi Roger,
    Thank you kindly for featuring my materials here! You share such great information through your network and I am honored to be a part of it here!

    I also wanted to point out that I use my books as a backdrop behind my bio (and also as the wallpaper on my Twitter profile: @bizauthor). If any authors out there have multiple books, you can have some fun creating your own distinctive wallpaper. The only downside is that you have to update it each time you release a new book!

    All my best,

  2. Aggie Villanueva
    September 22, 2009

    I did mine myself at typepad, though they have a few more than one sheet. But dedicating a site to each product has brought in many more viewers. Thankx for the infor.

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