Web copywriting and design tips for authors interested in boosting sales of their back-end products and services

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Thursday’s profit building tips for authors

Authors interested in increasing sales of their back-end products and services will find several helpful copywriting and design ideas on display on the home page of BizPlanCorner.com. bizplancorner-faces-two5The following are some of the lessons visible on the home page.

Lists quickly engage & communicate

You have only a few seconds to attract your website visitor’s attention and communicate the essence of the benefits you’re offering.

As you can see from the example, above, the banner on the home page of the BizPlans Central banner site contains a large and easy-to-read bullet list summarizing the benefits of the services they offer.

When you visit the site, notice how your eyes tend to land on the bullet list rather than beginning to read the long text. Given the choice between reading a short list or columns of text, the list wins hands-down!

The bullet list communicates at a glance, helping visitors make an immediate “stay” or “go” decision.

Immediacy techniques

Next, notice the graphical text links shown at left. Having provided a quick summary of their product’s benefits, the site goes to work convincing visitors to act now.

To persuade visitors to begin making a commitment to purchasing from the site, the site uses a combination of direct-response copywriting and attractive graphic links to make it easy for visitors to immediately act.

bizplancorner-7-days-two5Instant gratification

The graphic link, strategically placed in the left-hand column, is particularly interesting.

The promise of a 7-day turnaround on your business plan which could be very good news for entrepreneurs with pressing deadlines!

When you click the link, notice how the site captures your e-mail address before connecting you with an operator.

Graphic considerations

Other points of interest include the way that the consident colors projects a professional image.

Another credibility enhancer is the uniform width and consistent layout  of the graphic links along the right side of the text on the home page, and the way they match the “7 day promise” link on the left side.

Questions to ask yourself…

Before you leave this post, ask yourself:

  1. Does your website focus on the benefits of your most profitable products and services?
  2. Which of your products and services contain benefits that would appeal to the broadest possible market?
  3. Would the “chat now” approach work for you?
  4. How can you adapt it for your products and services?

Share your comments and opinions below, as comments!

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