Laura Lowell’s 42 Rules for Marketing Success shows authors how to turn readers into clients & prospects

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Thursday’s profit tip for authors

laura-lowell-42-rules-mktgLaura Lowell’s recent book, 42 Rules of Marketing, shows how authors can generate added profits and convert readers into clients and prospects.  Her technique permits authors to reach out to their readers and cultivate profits that can greatly exceed their book’s selling prices, paving the way for even more sales down the road.

A coach and educator at heart, Laura kindly gave me permission to share her “marketing funnel” technique described below.

How Laura drives readers to her website

Several of the tips in her book contain the phrase, shown in the screen capture shown below.


When a reader visits the appropriate page of her website, they’re greeting by several resources that can help them gain even more benefit from the book, as well as options explore her marketing ideas in greater detail. For example:


Following the links, it’s hard not to get excited by the possibilities suggested by the synergy created by the partnership Laura Lowell has created between her 42 Rules of Marketing book and her website.

Suddenly, concerns like book advances and royalties become less important. Book sales become a tool, not an end in themselves.The potential earnings become much higher.

The Big Question

laura-lowell-head-smallSo, How can you put this idea to work?

Laura Lowell has shown you what can be done. It’s up to you to build on her idea and put her idea to work for you, building your profits on your book.

Are you ready to take the next step?

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