Rajesh Setty’s Th!nk Tweet shows how to establish thought leadership using 140 characters, or less

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setty-twitter-cover-two5I’m a great fan of Rajesh Setty, who writes thoughtful and concise leadership books for today’s busy readers. I’ve been following his career for several years, after interviewing him about his first book, Beyond Code.

His latest book, Th!ink Tweet: Bite-Sized Lessons for a Fast Paced World, sets a new standard for concise, meaningful books. . Th!nk Tweet is a compendium of 140 thoughtful insights presented Twitter-style, in 140-character increments.

Don’t worry if you’re initially skeptical about the idea! I was, too. I was skeptical until I started to read Th!nk Tweet, and found the same level of concise and helpful ideas found in his earlier books, such as Rajesh Setty’s UpBeat: Cultivating the Right Attitude to Thrive in Difficult Times, (see below).

Take Th!nk Tweet with you everywhere

To cut to the chase, I like Th!nk Tweet’s format and message. I like the way the book comfortably fits in my hand or in one of the pockets in my laptop’s carrying case.

setty-twitter-inside-page-t1I also like Th!nk Tweet’s 2 ideas per page format. I can read an idea, look up, and think about applications of the idea, without losing my place in the book.

Undoubtedly, distilling ideas down to 140-characters, including spaces, (Tweet-length), was a much harder task than writing pages with 200-word, or more. As Mark Twain pointed out, it’s much harder to be concise than verbose. (“I didn’t have time to write you a short letter, so I’m writing you a long letter,” etc.)

The large numbers associated with each idea also helps me refer back to ideas I like, or recommend ideas to friends. I like the subtle humor found throughout Rajesh Setty’s writing, i.e., “61: No brownie points for walking the “extra mile” in the wrong direction.

Not only are the ideas stimulating, but just reading this book will help you write conciser, more informative Tweets on Twitter!

Ideas from Rajesh Setty to help you remain upbeat in uncertain times

setty-upbeat-cover-two51Th!nk Tweet joins Upbeat: Cultivating the Right Attitude to Thrive in Tough Times as one of my most passed-along books. I’ve recommended it to clients and given it to my sons who, as recent college graduates, are paying the price for the country’s stalled economy.

I really like this book. There’s good advice in it for everyone. More important, Rajesh Setty goes beyond most “thoughtful” and “inspirational” books by providing resources at the end of the book that help readers immediately begin applying the book’s lessons to their lives.

It’s one thing to say: This is what you should do! It’s another to provide a helpful segue between idea and action. Upbeat may be a small book, but it can have a lot of impact on you and your employees.

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