Mitchell Levy’s 42 Rules for Driving Success with Books documents compelling reasons to write a book, by authors and business owners just like you!

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42rulessucc_book-two-5Mitchell Levy’s 42 Rules for Driving Success with Books: Success Stories of Corporate and Author Thought Leadership is a deceptively simple book. Although a “fast read,” it can change your life by showing you how others have used books to leverage their experience, expertise, and hard work into expanded opportunities and greater profits–just like you can.

It’s the perfect book to read while considering whether or not to write a book, or when convincing family and friends that writing a book can be your best way to gain economic stability during these uncertain times.

42 Rules for Driving Success with Books documents the experiences of authors whose books helped them gain a compelling advantage over their competition by raising their visibility and attracting pre-sold prospects.

It’s also the perfect book to read on a plane, or in short chunks while on break or eating. Each of the 40+ author case studies occupies a single 2-page spread, allowing you to read it in 3 or 4 minutes–or less–giving you  time to jot down ideas that you can relate to your own career.

42 Rules for Driving Success with Books offers numerous lessons to self-employed professionals or career changers looking for a way to attract new prospects and differentiate themelves from the competition.  Each of the authors profiled had the same amount of time each day to write a book–the same 24 hours you do!

I encourage you to read the book, visit the contributor’s websites, and start planning your career-changing book!

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