7 tips for authors who want to get a literary agent from a literary agent with over 30 years of experience

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how-get-literary-ag-two-5Michael Larsen’s How to Get a Literary Agent provides authors with an experienced insider’s perspective and tips for locating, approaching, and convincing literary agents to represent them.

You’ll learn what to do, and what not to do, including best practices, suggestions, and the right protocols to follow when writing query letters, preparing your book proposal, following-up, and evaluating offers and terms.

You’ll gain an insider’s perspective on how literary agents operate, so you can project an appropriate image in your communications.

Michael Larsen and his wife, Elizabeth Pomada, are partners in Michael Larsen – Elizabeth Pomada Literary Agents, Northern California’s oldest literary agency, helping writers launch careers since 1972.

Useful tips for getting the right literary agent

Here are 7 examples of the types of information you’ll find in How to Find a Literary Agent:

  1. 3-step formula. An easy way to write query letters to send to agents. Page 36.
  2. Mistakes. Examples of what not to do when approaching literary agents. Page 44.
  3. Attraction. 12 tips for making your submission stand out. Page 56.
  4. Formatting . Detailed type and layout suggestions suggestions for making your book proposal project an easy to read and professional image. Page 46.
  5. Why hire an agent? 9 ways that a literary agent can help you succeed. Page 171.
  6. Publishing rhythms. Submit your proposal so it fits in with the daily, weekly, seasonal, and yearly rhythms of agents, editors, and publishers. Page 214.
  7. Questions to ask. Over 25 questions to ask when contacting a prospective literary agents. Page 309.

Michael Larsen is also the author of the classic How to Write a Book Proposal, now in its 3rd edition.

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