Mequoda shows multi-title authors how to profit from the list-building power of multiple white papers

Posted March 11th @ 12:20 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Wednesday’s writing tip for authors

Few firms have mastered the list-building power of white paper marketing as effectively as Don Nicholas and the Mequoda Group. They not only offer one white paper, they offer a choice of several white papers at the Mequoda blog. Their approach is relevant to multi-title authors looking for an easy way to cross-promote their books.


Between the banner and the first post is an area containing an invitation to sign-up for one of their popular research white papers. That’s not unusual, although, in this case, the sign-up box is more visually compelling than most.

What’s more important, however, is the list to the right of other available white papers that visitors can obtain. Although the list of available white papers doesn’t occupy much space, the availability of other titles provides additional incentive to sign up for the featured white paper.

Thus, Mequoda encourages e-mail sign-ups from those who might not be interested in the topic of the featured white paper. Smart thinking!

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