Learn how to repackage your existing content and profitably sell it during a free teleseminar conference

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Friday’s upcoming event tip for authors

Authors and marketers interested in repackaging existing content and sell it for a profit are invited to attend next week’s Published & Profitable exclusive interview when host Roger C. Parker interviews Anthony Quinones, author of Repackaging Is Everything: Secrets to Delivering Money-Making Content.

During this exclusive Published & Profitable interview, Anthony Quinones you’ll learn how to harvest existing content on your hard drive, and put it to work attracting new readers to your books as well as generating new profit opportunities.

The teleseminar interview with Anthony Quinones is open to all Published & Profitable friends and members interested in writing a book and getting published during 2009. The interview takes place Tuesday, March 10, at 11:00 AM EST. Caller comments and questions are encouraged. You are invited to submit your questions before the event as comments, below.

To attend Published & Profitable’s 73rd author interview, call 218-486-1616 and enter PIN 513391#. There is no charge to attend.

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    March 6, 2009

    Hi Roger, beginning to twitter, Thanks

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