New MindManager 8 templates for book planning, writing, and promotion

Posted January 11th @ 8:26 pm by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Published & Profitable members can now access six new MindManager 8 map templates to help them plan, write, promote, and profit from their books. These new templates join those already available for members¬† in Published & Profitable’s Mindmap Templates area.

Above is a clickable, zoomable example of one of Published & Profitable’s new MindManager 8 map templates for writing and promoting a book

  1. Blog planner. MindManager 8 map template helps authors identify goals, establish a content plan, and choose desired sidebar text and graphic elements.  (Click the + andsigns to explore the map and use the Zoom control to change map magnification.)
  2. Article Tracker. Helps you plan your article marketing and track the results. See at a glance which articles you’ve written and where you submitted them.
  3. Workshop Planner. Helps authors augment profits from book sales by planning successful 1 and 2-day workshops. Helps identify and coordinate all of the details involved in producing a successful event.
  4. Universal E-Book Planner. Published & Profitable’s Universal E-book Planner provides a framework to plan every aspect of your e-book’s success before you begin writing.
  5. Article Planner. Article marketing is growing in importance for authors before, and after, their books appear. This map template helps you write faster by planning articles before you write them.
  6. Weekly Tips Planner Weekly. This MindManager template helps you plan and–possibly–prepare your weekly tips in advance, saving time and making it easy for you to keep in constant e-mail touch wih you clients, prospects, and readers.

Ready for immediate downloading and use! Each Published & Profitable MindManager map template contains instructions in the in the maps themselves, added using using MindManager’s Notes feature.

The download pages contain additional ideas, and additional information is available in the Related Topics at the bottom of each download page.

  • Click here to view another clickable and zoomable example of the new MindManager 8 book planning and promoting templates.
  • Click here for a complete list of MindManager templates available for Published & Profitable members.
  • Click here to join Published & Profitable and enjoy immediate access to all available planning, writing, promoting, and profiting resources and templates.

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