Use your Canon or your Nikon to build your brand

Posted December 30th @ 11:33 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

mcneil-ranch-dec-28-two-5One of the best ways to build a memorable brand is to use photographs that you take yourself, using your Canon or Nikon, to reflect your expertise, your goals, your perspective, or the environment where you live and/or work.

An excellent example of brand-building with photographs is the weekly ranch photographs that Cathy McNeil posts on her Grass Fed & Healthy site.

Each week, Cathy posts a different photograph on her home page.

One glance at one of Cathy’s photographs is enough to reinforce the idea of healthy grass fed beef. Her photographs provide a context for her message of healthy living through grass fed beef. Her site also contains a Ranch Life photo portfolio.

Updating the home page photographs each week encourages visitors to return to the site each week, to see what’s new and different–vicariously visiting the McNeil Ranch in the Colorado Rockies.

Using photographs to create your brand is a win-win situation for all! Cathy has fun taking the photographs, her growing “tribe” has fun looking forward to each week’s postings.

What’s the view out your window? How can you use your Canon or Nikon to take photographs that will help reinforce your message and build your brand?

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