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Spelling mistakes can be devastating. Spelling errors quickly undermine the credibility of your message. As a writer or marketer, your credibility is tested each time you send an e-mail, post a blog, or dash-off a quick handwritten note. Quamut, a division of Barnes & Noble, offers you a easy way to discover the 50 most commonly misspelled words for free, or for as low as just $2.95, which you can do by checking-out Quamut’s Top 50 Commonly Misspelled Words reference chart.

It’s important to remember that many e-mail programs don’t check the spelling of e-mail subject lines, the same way that many blogging programs don’t spell-check blog posting headlines! (And, of course, there’s no spell-checker built into your hand!)

Quamut augments their list of the top 50 commonly misspelled words, and added 1,000 additional commonly misspelled words. There are 3 ways you can access their list:

  1. Printed and laminated version. You can purchase the Quamut Chart as a laminated, accordian-style foldout printed on durable, high-quality card stock. You can keep it next to your computer or purchase copies for others in your office. The printed and laminated version is available locally and online at Barnes & Noble. Cost: $5.95
  2. Downloadable PDF. You can download and print a formatted list of the 50 Most Commonly Misspelled Words and gain immediate access to the list. Cost: $2.95 (here)
  3. Search the online list. You can also explore the list of the top 50 commonly misspelled words, plus the bonus 1,000 often misspelled words, at the Quamut site. The list is alphabetically organized by letter, making it easy to search for words you’re not sure you correctly spelled. Cost: Free

Don’t take a chance on an embarrassing error showing up in the subject line of your first correspondence with a literary agent or book publisher. Make sure that the titles of your blog posts are as correctly spelled as the body of your post. And avoid the chance of your carefully composed hand-written “thank you” notes don’t contain embarrassing errors.

Quamut’s Top 50 Commonly Misspelled Words, once again, shows the great amount of helpful and easily-accessed information can be placed in the 8 1/2 by 11-inch reference sheet format.

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