Guy Kawasaki shows authors how to promote new books by using a very simple and highly-focused home page

Posted September 24th @ 9:58 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Wednesday’s promoting tip for authors #3 of 3

Guy Kawaski’s latest home page is an example of of a very simple and highly focused website home page. When a visitor arrives, their screen guides them to the 4 most important options available to them:

  1. About guy. Click Guy’s picture to learn more about him.
  2. Latest book. Click the cover of Reality Check to learn why and how to buy (or pre-order) Guy’s latest book–and why.
  3. Reader quotes. Link to page containing reader reviews.
  4. Guy’s blog containing the latest news for fast-moving and technologically-savvy entrepreneurs.

Guy’s site offers a clear alternative to the often cluttered home pages that characterize many author’s websites. But, is it too simple? I’d like to know your opinion. Does Guy’s home page provide a helpful template for promoting your book on your own web site?

What are your favorite author home pages? I’d like to know which author home pages are your favorites. Submit your URL suggestions below, as comments!

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