Successful authors profit most when they make list-building their Number 1 website priority

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Thursday’s profit tip for authors

Last evening, like most Wednesday evenings, I interviewed David and Mary Scarborough for Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing Association. Together, David Scarborough and Mary Scarborough are the authors of masterfully targeted The Procrastinator’s Guide to Marketing.

In addition, Mary Scarborough is the co-author of Mastering Online Marketing, with Mitch Meyerson. She’s also the co-author of Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet: The Definitive Guide with the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, with Jay Conrad Levinson and Mitch Meyerson.

With publishing credentials like those, I had high expectations when I visited Mary and David Scarborough’s website, and I wasn’t disappointed. Their Procrastinator’s Guide website was focused on obtaining the visitor’s e-mail addresses. This, of course, allows Mary and David to market to their website visitors in the future using e-mail.

The text and text box forms shown appear in the upper left of the home page of their site. This is the website’s most valuable real estate, where visitor’s eyes begin their journey across the page. As you study the details, note that they have replaced the usual “submit” text on the button with the more persuasive “Send Templates” command, and note the value assigned to the templates.

Beyond the conventional
Two features set Mary and David’s offering apart from the conventional.

  • Templates, not an e-book or special report. Today, the “standard” website incentive is a written document, like an e-book, white paper, or special report. Instead, Mary and David offer 100 ready to use templates. Instead of something else to read, they are offering a tool that can help their target prospects save time and money planning and creating their marketing.
  • Offer to help. More important, during tonight’s call, Mary invited callers to contact them if they didn’t find the specific template they desired among the 100 free templates offered in exchange for signing-up for their newsletter. This kind offer to help was the perfect “closer” for our conversation, reinforcing Mary and David’s marketing competence and empathy.

Notice, also, in the example to the left (taken from their home page), that privacy statement is both noticeable and concise. It is a great example of copy written from the perspective of the website reader, not from the perspective of the website owner.

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