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Tuesday’s writing tip for authors

Yesterday, I counseled a friend to delay completion of a book he’s been talking about for several decades. His book has a good chance of success; his book has a strong premise, it describes a process, and is based on an easily understood and remembered metaphor. He had vowed to begin writing in late May and complete the manuscript by the end of the year. Yet, I suggested he reconsider his priorities. What’s wrong with giving yourself a seven month deadline for writing a book?

My advice was 2-fold:

  • Balance: writing as just one of the 4 tasks he should begin to work on
  • Awareness: he should immediately begin sharing his ideas

instead of focusing entirely on writing his manuscript in 7 months, he should balance the time he spends writing with time invested in the other steps of the Writing Success Cycle: planning, promotion, and profit. If he doesn’t, the worst case scenario is that he may spend 7 months writing a book that no one wants. At best, he’ll be delaying his marketing and promoting for a year.

Instead of waiting until he completes his book to approach potential publishers and readers, he should get his ideas in circulation as soon as possible. He should focus on preparing a proposal and a marketing program that will convince publishers that his book stands a solid chance for success. He should also begin building reader interest in his ideas by sharing his ideas and soliciting their feedback.

The above is a distillation of lessons described by numerous successful authors who have been interviewed by Published & Profitable. Published & Profitable members can learn from the experiences of others by joining our weekly author interviews and by using dozens of worksheets to put their ideas to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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