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Posted January 30th @ 12:00 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Wednesday’s promoting tip

Blogs are important book marketing and promotion tools, as book publicist Penny Sansevieri, author of Red Hot Internet Publicity: The Insider’s Guide to Marketing Your Book on the Internet, described in a recent Published & Profitable interview.

But, to succeed, blogs have to project an accurate, professional image. Here are some tips for creating author blogs that sell books as well as consulting and speaking opportunities:

  • Error-free. Information and spelling must be accurate and correct. Authors should check both their posts and the titles of their posts for correct spelling. (Often, blogging software doesn’t check the title as well as the post!) Authors should double-check the spelling of titles, technical terms, and proper nouns.
  • Relevant. The temptation to ramble must be curbed. Posts should offer helpful, relevant, and timely information to readers. The purpose of a blog is to educate and inform, not promote. Blogs shouldn’t focus on authors or their books, but should focus on readers and their information needs.
  • Long-range purpose. The best blogs do more than just respond to comments and events. Blog posts offer authors opportunities to develop and test market new ideas before including them in future books. More and more books are being written as an on-going series of blog posts.
  • Content plans for blogs. A blog content plan should identify when you’re going to post new content and the themes that you will post about. Knowing what you’re going to write about in advance keeps your brain engaged and looking for appropriate content.

Published & Profitable is an online resource center that helps new and experienced authors plan, write, promote, and profit from published books. Members enjoy 24/7 access to articles, assessments, checklists, interviews, templates, and worksheets.


  1. Sandy Diaz
    January 30, 2008

    Penny’s books are great! She is right on the money about accuracy of information and regularly posting new blog information so readers return and new readers join in.

    I work with a book publicity agency, TCI-Smith Publicity, and invite your readers to enjoy a new article by our founder and president, Dan Smith, called The Seven Deadly Sins of Book Promotion (in this month’s SPAN newsletter):

    Dan has been in this business for over ten years and tells of some wild tales in this crazy, ever changing business.

    Thank you and enjoy!

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