How I can help you write and market your book

I can help you save time planning, writing, promoting, and profiting from a brand-building book.

My goal is to help you cultivate the right habits and make the right decisions writing a book to promote your business and build your personal brand.

Whether you’re a new author, or a published author looking for efficient writing and publishing resources to write an even more successful follow-up book, I can help you leverage your expertise into book sales and more coaching, consulting, and speaking opportunities.

Books, brands, and profits

I’ve been writing, marketing, and publishing since since I graduated from college. I’m intimately familiar with the brand-building power of a published book.

My first book, Looking Good in Print, lead to over 40 others books, that, ultimately, sold over 1.6 million copies in 37 languages.

My first book lead to international speaking opportunities and working with clients ranging from hundreds of start-ups to firms like Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Mindjet, and Yamaha.

My clients benefit from dozens of checklists, templates, and worksheets that can bring order out of the chaos that accompanies most writing projects.

Here are some of the ways I can help you get your writing project moving faster, and in the right direction.

Often, I can make a significant contribution to your success in just one or two online coaching sessions!

How I can help you plan your book

1.  Clarifying your goals & objectives. Why do you want to write a book? I love books and writing, but, today, that’s not enough. I want to help you examine your goals, expectations, and resources, so we can create a writing and marketing system that will serve you for many years.

2. Identifying your ideal readers. For many, the starting point  is to identifying your ideal readers, the challenges they’re facing, and the information they���re looking for. This often leads to the topic and title you’ve been looking for.

3. Analyzing your book’s competition. Before starting to write, you need to position your book by identifying, analyzing, and tracking competing books and resources in your field. This involves know where to look online for information and what to look for.

4.  Positioning your book. Your goal is to identify the missing book–the book that���s needed, but hasn’t yet been written. Your book not only has to serve your needs, and your reader’s needs, but it must be obviously different and better than currently available books.

5.  Exploring publishing options. A lot of my coaching time involves helping clients evaluate the pros and cons of trade publishing and different self-publishing options. As always, informed clients make the best writing and publishing decisions.

How I can help you write your book

6.  Choosing the right book title. Book titles and subtitles play a crucial role in publishing success, especially nonfiction books. My worksheets, checklists, and templates can help you choose and test the right title and subtitle for your book.

7. Organizing ideas into a table of contents. Many subject area experts find it hard to organize ideas into a table of contents. Working together, and using my worksheets, I can help you organize your ideas into sections, chapters, and 7-10 key ideas for each chapter.

8.  Finding the time to write. Today, time management is more important to your writing success than the quality of your ideas or your previous writing ability. Working together, I can help you find the time to write and help you set up a writing plan you can commit to. There’s no need to experience the stress of last-minute “deadline madness!”

9.  Exploring formatting and writing options. Many authors run into trouble by writing more than is needed. I can help you decide how large your book has to be in order to build your brand. I can also share format and writing options that can get your book written and into your reader’s hands as soon as possible.

10.  Writing more efficiently . Finishing your book on time involves setting up your computer for maximum efficiency and making the most of your planning and writing tools. Software features like keyboard shortcuts can make a huge difference in your productivity.

11. Avoiding and, if necessary, overcoming writer���s block. I share tips and strategies for preventing, and curing, temporary—or persistent—obstacles to completing your book and building an effective author platform.

How I can help you promote your book & sell more copies

12.  Author platform. Marketing plays a central role in the success of your book. How are you going to get the word out? I can help you evaluate your current online and offline presence and help you create a realistic, step-by-step, upgrade plan.

13.  Promoting your book while writing it. The best time to promote your book is before its published. I help clients choose the right marketing tools to pave the way for a successful book launch while writing it.

14.�� Obtaining expert quotes and reader reviews. Pre-publication endorsements from well-known authors and experts in your field can play a major role in the successful launch of your book. Let me share my system for identifying and approaching appropriate authors and obtaining endorsements and quotes.

15.  Blog planning & setup. I often help clients make the right content (title, mission statement, sidebars, editorial calendar) and design choices before selecting a blog platform or graphic designer. In many cases, I often help clients choose the right designers by knowing what to look for and the right questions to ask.

16.  Building your list. Popularized by Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing, I can guide you as you create online incentives to build your email mailing list and keep in touch with clients, prospects, and readers at consistent intervals. I can help you set up an ongoing program that gains strength each month.

17.  Content marketing. I can help you create a synergy between writing your book and marketing your book, building demand for your ideas and services before your book appears, using an editorial calendar to schedule your writing and marketing.

18.  Attracting followers. I can help you develop an proactive approach to blogging and social media, rather than the last-minute, reactive approach of many. I can help you create social media content calendar for consistent blog updates and social media support, one that can leverage your key ideas across multiple platforms..

How I can help you earn higher profits from your book

19.  Identifying back-end profit opportunities. Profits from book sales, alone, are seldom enough! I can help you set up a business plan for your book. It’s essential that you have a system for exploring post-publication profit options like follow-up information-products, coaching, consulting, speaking, and training. Without a plan, you’ll reacting to opportunities instead of creating them!

20.�� Learning from your competition. I can show you how to visiting other author’s websites and analyze how they leverage their books into profits. The goal is not to copy, but to model, what works–and what doesn’t work–in terms of generating ongoing profits.

21.  Selecting follow-up titles. What kind of titles should you consider after successfully publishing your first title? Working together, we can explore ways to build on your brand while exploring new opportunities.

I can help you on a single call, or I can help you on an on-going basis as you plan, write, promote, and profit from your book.

What’s your biggest challenge or question?

What’s keeping you from writing and self-publishing a brand-building book? What are your challenges, concerns, and questions? More important, What can I do to help?

Take the first step towards writing and branding success today! Tell me about your writing goals and the status of your project.I invite you to ask me a question or share your writing goals with me.

With Roger’s valuable advice and direction, after just one call, I went back to basics, and was able to finally move forward on a previously-stalled project. Roger was polite, empathetic, but also completely candid about what it would take to make changes that ultimately resulted in a much better project.
Deborah Monfette,

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Options: I can help you on a single call, or I can help you on an on-going basis as you plan, write, promote, and profit from your book.